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Brainwreck is the 50/50 hybrid cross of parent strains Trainwreck, Brain Child, and Brain. Trainwreck and Brain Child (Willy’s Wonder x Jack Herer) give this strain rich, lung-expanding notes of pine that blend well with the sweet, earthy aromas of its indica parentage. Brainwreck is exhilarating and cerebral from the onset, making it a worthwhile strain for consumers seeking to overcome fatigue. Its effects will remain mentally elevated even while the physical effects mellow and level out.


Buy Brainwreck Strain Online.

Brainwreck Strain is the 50/50 hybrid cross of parent strains Trainwreck, Cerebrum Kid, and Brain. Trainwreck and Brain Kid (Willy’s Wonder x Jack Herer) give this strain-rich, lung-extending notes of pine that mix well with the sweet, natural smells of its indica parentage. Brainwreck is elating and cerebral from the beginning, making it a beneficial strain for purchasers looking to defeat exhaustion. Its belongings will remain intellectually raised even while the actual impacts smooth and level out.

Cerebrum Freeze cannabis strain is a 60 Sativa/40 Indica prevailing mixture made by Dutchgrown Seeds and isn’t an amazing powerhouse. Cerebrum Freeze. This bud is appropriate for indoor and open-air development. The Cerebrum Freeze nugs smell of earth with a mango suggestion. The impacts are even and solid because of the high THC content. Mind-Freeze weed is useful for day and evening time use.

It is a half-breed strain with blossoms that smell sweet and hearty with mango hints. The smoke is smooth and tastes like sweet citrus. This strain produces gentle cerebral outcomes that will leave the client loose and content.

Kind of High(Brainwreck Strain)

Cerebrum Freeze pot strain initiates solid, durable cerebral high, described by rapture and substantial stone impact. Inspires temperament, mitigates misery, alleviates pressure, loosens up the body. May cause sofa lock and sluggishness.


Cerebrum Freeze cannabis strain is a combination of LUI and C99.

Cerebrum WRECK LAB Tried Outcomes:

THC: 23%

CBD: 0.62%

CBN: 0.54%

Impacts… Body High

Fixes… ..Craving Misfortune, Agony Muscle, Fit Pressure

The strain won’t disillusion, that is without a doubt. With 23% THC content, the strain produces normal buds that are not as stunning or lovely as other crossover strains. They are normally brown in shading with orange hairs and gold tones that may interest a few people.

The strain got its name in light of current circumstances, it is basically on the grounds that it conveys a sensation mix of tobacco and stogie flavors for the individuals who are especially enamored with the two. The strain and its high are not phenomenal yet it utilizes its indica/Sativa legacy so you can partake in the smartest possible solution.

This strain isn’t a creeper, you will feel high in a moment or somewhere in the vicinity yet its belongings will cause you to feel tired. This is one reason why you should utilize it as an evening time strain. Have confidence, your following day will be awesome and will leave you feeling stimulated.




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