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2g Joint | Indica | Indoor Grown Infused with Distillate Oil & Kief This joint holds twice as much as typical, with an infusion that cranks it up a few more notches. XL’s are not for beginners; you’ll want to start small if this is your first experience. But if you whip this 2g joint out at a party you are guaranteed to be remembered.


Grape Ape Jeeter XL Infused Roll Joints products :  2g Joint | Indica | 35.11% THC Indoor Grown Infuse with Distillate Oil & Kief

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Just What Makes These Jeeter products So Special?

Besides their soaring levels of THC. This joints are also expertly handcraft to produce a fine smoke and can be incredibly long-lasting (infused) or incredibly smooth (glass-tipped XL). From Grapefruit Romulan to Blue Zkittles, each strain is carefully chosen to produce delicious flavors that enhance the smoking experience.

If you’re looking for an exquisite cannabis smoking experience, you can’t go wrong with a Jeeter!

The Jeeter Line

The Baby Jeeter products is, unsurprisingly, the smallest pre-roll on offer. Each pack contains 5 small pre-rolls packed to the brim. With 0.5g of top-shelf flower that is infuse with cannabis distillate for a mind-blowing extra punch. Watch out for these little guys, size can be deceiving!

If you prefer a lower-potency flower, Baby Jeeters also come in a less potent non-infused format. These joints only pack in 0.35g per unit, making them perfect for catching a small buzz or even microdosing.



3 reviews for Jeeter – Grape Ape 2g XL Infused Preroll – Jeeter

  1. Elijah G. Lo

    My favorite always get the best from this online dispensary.

  2. Max E. McGee

    I love coming here. They have the best prerolls and get you faded af

  3. Scott P. Simms

    Amazing smoke as a 24/7 smoker this is for the OG smokers out there this takes you home back when getting high was fun

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