Kandy Kush Strain



THC: 25%, CBD: 6%, CBN: 2.8%
Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

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Kandy Kush Strain


THC: 25%, CBD: 6%, CBN: 2.8%

Crossbreed – half Sativa/half Indica

Kandy Kush Strain, otherwise called “Sweets Kush,” is an equally adjusted half breed (half indica/half sativa) strain. made through a cross of the patient most loved OG Kush X Trainwreck strains. This VIP kid sneaks up suddenly the entirety of its own. controlled by a very amazing normal THC level of 15-21% and a hazardously scrumptious flavor. Numerous clients succumb to Kandy Kush’s belongings since they are enticed to take a lot immediately after only one taste. The sweet and fruity hard treats like flavor are totally delectable and the sweet and fruity yet flower smell is similarly as enticing.

The Kandy Kush high crawls upon you, as well, with a lethargic euphoric form that helps your mindset and leaves you glad and quiet. As your head high forms, an incredible body buzz will out of nowhere overwhelm you. leaving you totally sofa locked and completely quieted with no desire for moving any time soon. You’ll be left tired and thoughtful, at last, succumbing and floating off into a profound and serene rest. These impacts make Kandy Kush ideal. for any persistent experiencing ongoing nervousness or stress, sickness, constant torment, and a sleeping disorder. This bud has uneven olive green popcorn-formed nugs with bunches of slender orange hairs and a chilly thick covering of little smooth…




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