Baby Jeeter pre rolls products has quickly become one of the leading pre-roll brands in California. Thanks to its commitment to sourcing high-quality cannabis flower and rolling some of the best joints around. Jeeter is now recognize state-wide as a producer of premium, award-winning pre-rolls. Since its inception, Jeeter has produce and sold nearly 1.5 million top-shelf pre-roll joints in California alone.

The term ‘jeeter’ originate in South Florida, where it was often use as street slang when referring to a joint. The  crew has now “pass the jeeter” to California. By bringing that South Florida cannabis culture to the Golden State. Base out of Desert Hot Springs, CA. It still embodies the bold, unique, and unapologetic South Florida culture that birth it.

jeeter pre rolls

Jeeter pre-rolls are load with locally sourced premium cannabis flower that is sure to make your mouth water. Not only that, but their high-potency infuse joints are pack with high-purity THC distillate. Also, with sparkling kief crystals that add up to over 30% THC per joint.

Besides their soaring levels of THC. This joints are also expertly handcraft to produce a fine smoke and can be incredibly long-lasting (infused) or incredibly smooth (glass-tipped XL). From Grapefruit Romulan to Blue Zkittles, each strain is carefully chosen to produce delicious flavors that enhance the smoking experience.

If you’re looking for an exquisite cannabis smoking experience, you can’t go wrong with a this strain!

jeeter xl pre roll

This strain produces 3 distinct kinds of joints for the California market: the Baby Jeeter, the 1g , and the Jeeter XL pre roll.

The Baby Jeeter products is, unsurprisingly, the smallest pre-roll on offer. Each pack contains 5 small pre-rolls packed to the brim. With 0.5g of top-shelf flower that is infuse with cannabis distillate for a mind-blowing extra punch. Watch out for these little guys, size can be deceiving!

If you prefer a lower-potency flower, Baby Jeeters also come in a less potent non-infused format. These joints only pack in 0.35g per unit, making them perfect for catching a small buzz or even microdosing.

The 1g features a gram of Jeeter’s locally source premium cannabis flower. This joint comes in regular form, and two different infuse formats: infuse with distillate, or infuse with distillate and kief. The infused forms can burn for as long as 15 minutes, making them great for enjoying with friends!

The  XL is probably the nicest joint you will ever smoke. Each XL joint is pack with 2 grams of flower infused with distillate oil and is dust with kief. Carefully handcraft and featuring a glass tip for a smoother smoking experience, the Jeeter joints XL is simply luscious.

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