Jungle Boys Sour Apple Killer

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Jungle Boys Weed Pack

Flavor: Sour Apple Killer 

Net Weight : 7 Grams

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Jungle Boys Weed Pack

Flavor: Sour Apple Killer 

Net Weight: 7 Grams

Buy Sour Apple Killer.This is Overflowing With Killer Instincts! Expected to pucker up because this strain will send your tastebuds tingling. Bright green in color with a distinct Sour Apple aroma. Sour Apple strain lives up to its name. You won’t get a sugar rush from this strain, however, it may leave you stuck on the couch. Buy Sour Apple Strain today from Our online store. Register On Our Site and obtain a discount Coupon.

The appearance of Sour Apple Killer strain By Jungle boys

Sour Apple Killer strain has a Sweet Tropical Trash smell. Yeah, that’s some gas strain man. Lovers of this strain have testified that the Aroma of the strain is a killer. Buy Jungle boys Sour Apple Killer. Hence, a reviewer of this strain has this to say about the strain. “I’m surprised that this has such a neutral aroma & flavor. I am really digging deep for some of these notes here. Everything is extremely subtle, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s a very smooth smoke, and seems to feature more of the Sour Apple Killer in the blend”. Therefore, why don’t you try this strain and get the experience? Thus, Sour Apple Killer strain, Buy Sour Apple Killer weed, Buy Sour Apple Killer online, Buy Sour Apple Killer UK.


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