Jungle Boys Divorce Cake

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Jungle Boys Divorce Cake #2

70% Indica / 30% Sativa 

THC : 29.05%

CBD : 0.06%

Net Weight : 7 Grams

Jungle Boys Divorce Cake #2 Online

buy Jungle Boys Divorce Cake #2 online

70% Indica / 30% Sativa 

THC: 29.05%

CBD : 0.06%

Net Weight: 7 Grams

Secondly, Wedding Cake and The White were bred together to create the Jungle Boys Divorce Cake #2 strain, the white strain divorce cake,  strain. It’s a strain that carries incredible traits like its resinous feel, frosty appearance, and creamy mint aromas. Some of the most potent weeds I have ever had! Gotta say it hits quick and it hits hard, trust me when I say your gonna feel this for a while.

This is one of my favorites. I love the flavor! This one does give tingles. My headache went away. At the same time, the stress of the long week is leaving my shoulders. I’m relaxed, a bit lazy, but boy I feel happy, buy divorce cake strain. Sweet skunky smell right off the bat. Extremely pungent and hard to cover up! Buds are medium green with hues of purple and bright orange hairs sticking out of a field of sticky trichomes. 

Firstly, I prefer stronger Indica strains. But this has a perfect Sativa-Indica ratio. Great relaxation, piney n peppery taste even a Lil gassy. We had 30.4% buds too. Very potent. Recommend to Sativa or Indica lovers. A great mix of each. Very peppery, flavorful, and extremely yummy. I love smoking it out of my bong because I can taste more citrus that way. 4/5 because of the pepper taste, it slightly burned my nose. 


Secondly, Quick Review: Divorce Cake is a well-loved hybrid flower with a perfumy taste. The potent high of this strain is balanced between head and body, usually culminating into the ultimate high for zoning out. It’s sleepy and buzzed in the body, making almost any snack into a luxury meal while knocking out your body aches. It can come on hard and fast so plan accordingly.

Thirdly, Now available online for purchase at DC Weed Supply

2 reviews for Jungle Boys Divorce Cake

  1. Phyllis B. Ensley

    My favorite place. I wont go anywhere else. Everyone is so nice. I normally do curbside pick up and I’m in and out of there. Eli is awesome!!!

  2. Betty C. Villarreal

    When it comes to cannabis, jungle boys know where it is at! They have it all dialed it whether it flower or concentrates they know how to make nothing but 100% real medicine with a great staff to help patients! The jungle is where it’s all at!

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