Jungle Boys Cookies N Cream

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80% Indica / 20% Sativa 

THC : 26.62%

CBD : 0.04%

Net Weight : 7 Grams

Jungleboys Cookies N Cream Online

buy jungleboys cookies n cream online

80% Indica / 20% Sativa 

THC: 26.62%

CBD : 0.04%

Net Weight: 7 Grams

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Order Jungle Boys Cookies n Cream strain

This strain has a high that mounts gradually, beginning as dizzy lightheadedness and progressing towards full-body relaxation. While they savor Cookies and Cream taste, users may begin to notice pressure around the temples. Rather than analytical and intense, the mental effects of this strain seem to have more to do with mood. Euphoric feelings may set in, along with intensified sensory perception.

These psychedelic sensations are matched by a weightiness in the head and limbs that if not totally incapacitating, leave smokers feeling somewhat lazy. Thorough relaxation is the name of the game here, complemented by a kind of dreamy mental stimulation. Cookies and Cream’s semi-narcotic effects make it a great medical strain for a range of physical ailments. Aches, pains, and soreness can melt away even with relatively small doses. This flower can also combat insomnia in larger doses, lulling users into a deep, heavy sleep. Cookies and Cream can also help temporarily relieve some of the troubling symptoms of stress and anxiety disorders, minimizing worries and uplifting moods. Dry mouth, red eyes, and persistent tightness around the eyes are commonly reported as negative side effects. Since this is a potent crossbreed, a small amount goes a long way, even for more experienced users.



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  1. Verna J. Fischer

    Had a great first visit! Every person I came across in the store was extremely friendly and helpful, from security to the budtenders behind the counter! would definitely return!

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