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Sticky Buns Cookies is a crossover maryjane strain reared by Cookies and Seed Addict Hereditary qualities. Sticky Buns smells splendid like velvety cinnamon and has a taste that is suggestive of new, sweet mixture with traces of vanilla.

The mix of the two outcomes in a touchy flavor profile that will leave you returning for additional. The high you get from this strain is cerebral and may cause you to feel shivery and innovative. Producers say that Sticky Buns nugs are fragrant and incredibly sticky in surface.

Clinical pot patients pick this strain to assist with assuaging manifestations related with cerebral pains and persistent pressure.

About Sticky Buns Cookies

Sticky Buns is accounted for by clients to make a surge of cerebral rapture. alongside a loosening up full body soften that might leave you stuck on the love seat. Some say imaginative undertakings stream all the more effectively with Sticky Buns. All things considered, it is likewise noted to be a durable and loosening up experience. that might assist with facilitating conditions like pressure, queasiness, headaches, and loss of hunger.

At the point when you open up a Sticky Buns bundle, you’re welcomed with a sweet, nutty, rich, vanilla fragrance, with a trace of earth and zest. Its flavor is comparably tempting, and offers a delicious, and sweet blend of nutty vanilla suggestions, with notes of spices and zest on the breathe out. Upon review, the buds of Sticky Buns are backwoods green, with golden tones. and are covered in sticky glandular trichomes that give it a brilliant sheen. You will find that THC levels normal during the ’20s.

Sticky buns is a half and half cannabis strain, appreciated by commentators who say it has equitably adjusted impacts. Brought into the world from a Kush Mints and Gelatti cross. this scrumptious strain will rapidly lift you up, and gradually cut you down, as per numerous who have devoured it. Its name mirrors the sticky and resinous buds that a very much developed clump will create.


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