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Beast Mode OG is a proprietary strain of cannabis distributed by Green Umbrella, a Seattle-based delivery service. The strain was dubbed Beast Mode OG after tasting and testing showed that the potent effects induced a powerful punch similar to the running style of NFL Running Back Marshawn Lynch, nicknamed Beast Mode.  Beast Mode OG is a great mood elevator and serves as a great answer to stress and body pain.


beast mode og strain

Seattle, Washington is really proving they should be known for more than just rain, coffee, and the grunge scene. With the Beast Mode strain duos, Beast Mode OG and the follow-up Beast Mode 2.0, Green Umbrella is showing that they are a name to keep an eye on. There is some back and forth as to whether this strain is a cut from Girl Scout Cookies or a phenotype of OG Kush, and though breeders are not dispelling any rumors just yet, it is more likely that this is a baby OG Kush.

In addtion, though cute and dainty, don’t let the tiny package these buds come in fool you, as they pack a wallop. Also, these blueish-green, furry nugs are not ones to take lightly and are definitely recommended for experience users. The high THC levels give this 70/30 indica-dominant strain a nice heady buzz that will chill out even the most high strung smoker. The flavors are almost deceiving to the eye as the kushy pine flavor and aromas hardly match the blue hues that are offset by the orange hairs and crystal white trichomes, making this a mind-bending combination.

beast mode og strain thc content

As with any super potent strain, there are pros and cons in medicine. A definite pro is that this strain will lift your mood and give you the energy you need to get through the rest of the day. As for the cons, this strain is not suitable for everyone. Also, the potency makes it nearly impossible to recommend for anyone below advanced levels of tolerance. However, if you are an experience smoker you’ll love turning to this for pain relief, reducing inflammation and easing stress. Additionally it is helpful in mild cases of fatigue and lack of appetite.

To conclude, grow information for Beast Mode OG is hard to come by, so if you happen to get your hands on this fantastic plant, it might serve you well to consult an experience grower.

Lastly, the popularity of this strain boom after the Seahawks won the Superbowl in 2014, making it a hard to find, but incredibly demand, bud. This is a mood lifting, body calming, awesome strain, so it’s not hard to understand why you wouldn’t want to take it for a spin.




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