Cherry Og Strain


Cherry OG boasts impressively large buds that adhere in a dense, indica-typical structure. These oversized flowers are almost conical in shape, broad at the base and distinctly pointed at the end. The tightly-packed leaves are an earthy shade of olive green and are shot through with hairy, rust-colored pistils. Finally, translucent white trichomes cover the nugs, making them very sticky difficult to break up without the use of a quality grinder.


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Cherry OG Strain is a landrace-driven half and half with even impacts and a gritty, fruity flavor. This strain comes to us from Emerald Triangle Seeds, the makers likewise liable for Emerald Jack. It is a cross between a Thai sativa and an Afghani indica that was backcrossed with its unique Thai mother and afterward crossed again with lemony crossover Lost Coast OG. An extraordinary decision for either the entire day’s usefulness or smooth reflection, Cherry OG has an intensity that has been estimated at somewhere in the range of 10% and 23% THC.

Cherry OG brags amazingly huge buds that follow in a thick, indica-normal design. These larger than usual blossoms are practically cone-shaped fit, wide at the base and unmistakably pointed toward the end. The firmly packed leaves are a hearty shade of olive green and are shot through with shaggy, rust-hued pistils. At long last, clear white trichomes cover the nugs, making them extremely tacky hard to separate without the utilization of a quality processor.

At the point when appropriately restored, Cherry OG’s blossoms for sure emit faintly flower, cherry notes. After looking into it further, there is additionally an astringent fragrance suggestive of fuel, passed on from the Chemdawg in parent strain Lost Coast OG’s hereditary qualities. Likewise sneaking under is a somewhat citrus, sharp tang. In the meantime, crushing these resinous blossoms addresses Cherry OG’s Afghani legacy, with hashy, incense-like scents that nearly overpower the hints of berry. At the point when combusted, this bud ignites with a smooth and simple smoke that preferences like unobtrusive cherry and blueberry with some additional diesel vapor on the breath out.

More About Cherry Og Strain

Luckily for home producers, Emerald Triangle has made seeds of Cherry OG ready to move on the web. It can be developed inside or outside in reliably warm, semi-sticky environments; all things considered, the strain’s tough landrace qualities make it fairly impervious to unfavorable conditions like varieties in temperature and moistness. Plants of Cherry OG lean sativa and can arrive at grandiose statures — those developing inside ought to make certain to prepare their harvests almost immediately by means of pruning and managing. Likewise, naturally, sativa is Cherry’s OG’s long blossoming time: it blossoms inside 9 to 10 weeks when developed inside and is prepared for collection toward the beginning of October when developed outside.

Cherry OG’s adaptable, widely appealing impacts are an extraordinary choice for season cannabis shoppers who need to encounter the best of both indica and sativa impacts. It is as charming while out with companions as it is when kicking back at home.




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